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The Curasept ADS Mouthwash range contains chlorhexidine to protect teeth and gums from plaque and bacteria. The range also contains an Anti Discolouration System to reduce the risk of staining, often associated with chlorhexidine. The unique formulation reduces changes in taste perception and is alcohol and sugar free.

The range consists of Curasept ADS 220, Curasept ADS 205 (which also contains fluoride), Curasept ADS Perio and Curasept ADS Implant.

Curasept ADS 220 is an intensive, high chlorhexidine mouthwash - containing 0.2% chlorhexidine and is recommended for short term use.

Curasept ADS 205 is recommended for daily use, containing 0.05% chlorhexidine and fluoride. This product is also recommended for Orthodontic patients.

Curasept ADS Perio contains 0.12% chlorhexidine but also hyaluronic acid to help with healing and tissue repair. It is recommended for use in cases of gingivitis, periodontitis and mucosal trauma, reducing pain and slowing down plaque deposits.

Curasept ADS Implant is a high strength chlorhexidine mouthwash containing 0.2% chlorhexidine with hyaluronic acid for healing and tissue repair. Curasept ADS Implant supports the healing processes and tissue repair, reduces pain, anti-plaque action, effective support after professional treatments of perimplantitis, fast action together with professional care and treatment of perimplant mucositis. Recommended for use 1 week before and for 1 week after implant surgery.