Curasept Gel for Topical Use

Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic that is considered a gold standard in contrasting oral biofilm and gingival inflammation in the mouth. It is often recommended in case of surgical procedures, infections, periodontal treatments and generally after most complex dental therapies.

However, dentists and dental hygienists can face different challenges during daily practice, such as:

  • Wound healing time
  • Pain in the post-operative period
  • Bleeding
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Caries
  • Gingival irritation or delayed healing in case of weakened mucosa or poorly reactive mucosa

To help with these clinical challenges, professionals generally prescribe chlorhexidine treatments. This is an extremely effective treatment that aids in the fight against harmful bacterial plaque, however, the downside that many patients find off-putting is that it can cause discolouration to teeth, resulting in yellowing or brown spots. This often causes difficulties with patients complying with prescribed therapies, thus affecting the positive results achievable.

The chlorhexidine-based Curasept ADS line allows patients to overcome such limits, offering more benefits in a single product. The range is designed to offer the patient advantages from the antiseptic efficacy of chlorhexidine with an additional Anti-Discolouration System (ADS). This is certified by many clinical studies that prove that adding ADS to a chlorhexidine product significantly reduces tooth discolouration and does not affect the action of chlorhexidine in controlling gingival inflammation and plaque indices.

Curasept ADS 350 Gingival Gel is an anti-microbial, 0.5% CHX gel that includes the patented ADS. This product is designed to offer additional, topical support to the Curasept mouthwash and toothpaste product offering.

The gel acts locally against plaque and bacteria and is ideal for strongly inflamed sites to help reduce bleeding, pain, or inflammation. This highly targeted treatment has all the benefits of the mouthwash but is in the form of a higher strength gel, perfect for short-term intensive use.

On top of this, the formula is also designed to counteract the unpleasant changes in taste perception associated with traditional chlorhexidine products. The gel is also alcohol and sugar-free and to protect tooth enamel, the pH is 6.2.

Available in a 30ml tube, simply use the Curasept mono tuft single tool for the gel application or apply with a clean finger. This product is to be used locally twice a day for a maximum of 14 days. Always follow advice from a dental professional when applying high-strength treatments such as this.

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